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Customers Say
 The Sincere Moments

Mildred Ridder, NE

DEAR IBRAHIM, OH, I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BEING OUR GUIDE TO VISIT THE HOLY LAND! YOU WERE SUPER WONDERFUL! .... little artery,...but.....that made me love you even more! Good work ! God be with you and your work, as well as your fun time this HOLY SEASON OF CHRIST'S BIRTH!SINCERELY, MILLIE RIDDER

Maria Alavarez, FL

Perfect Galilee trip
Experience Northern lsrael with Abraham- 4 days tour This experience fulfilled our dreams of visiting the Holy Land after 2 years of pandemic delays and closures. This private tour of Galilee with lbrahim was seamless, he was kind and responsive to all our requests and provided a 3 days visit to all sites with very informative historical and Christian perspectives. He additionally took us to great places for shopping, food and evengifted us with wonderful local goodies. We felt very safe and experienced everything we wanted and then more, well worth the money. Couldn't have asked for anything better!

Fr. John Wakube

Hi lbrahim! Thank you for guiding us in the Holy Land, you did great and I have told people who hope to come some day that they should ask for Ibrahim. Thank you also for your kindness and generosity towards me as a person and the many gifts you guys gave me. My best regards to Sahel. T am using my Chalice for all daily masses and in each mass I do remember you and Saher.God willing I will come back to visit again some day! & In Christ,

Kelly Browning Sprowles

"Feeling so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to spend the last week experiencing the Holy Land with my parents, sister, cousin and amazing group of new friends. I can't find the words to explain the amazing experience. The pictures do not do this beautiful place justice. @ Holy Land Jerusalem"

Fr. Edward Looney

"We are very happy with Abraham and hope he will be the guide for the remainder of the trip. He is a very prayerful man"

Salvatore Cannella, FL

“Thank you for making our trip to the Holy Land so meaningful”
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