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It is a humble initiative of the author - a Holy Land Christian Pilgrimage Guide, that is meant to connect past and future pilgrims of the Holy Land with the Scriptures through photos of the various Biblical sites.


The book is arranged in an order similar to a traditional Protestant Pilgrimage Itinerary. 


It may act as a companion of the pilgrim for introduction to the journey, as a handbook on the roads, as well as a bridge of memories and faith between the pilgrim, the events and the messages coming from the Holy Land.


As such, the printed copy of this book is meant to allow keeping it visible within the living area of its owner so that, from time to time, he or she will be able to open it and reflect on Jesus’ works in the Holy Land, as on their lives.

Scriptures behind Pictures - Devotional Memoirs from the Holy Land. (Protestant)

SKU: 9789655980301
  • It is a 130 pages book with reflection on more than 70 biblical sites. The sites are arranged on a day by day visits, region by region of the Holy Land. Key pictures are placed to remind the reader with the physical site next to the relevants readings and devotional thougths.

    The book is a great opportunity for those who plan to make their life journey of pilgrimage, to those who are already on the roads of the Holy Land as well as a great memory for those who already made it back home. 

    A high quality color paper as well as a hard cover are used to enhance the reading experience.

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