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The border with Syria (Biblical Bashan)

Along the Jordan Valley

Travel the way Jesus made to Jerusalem

  • 8 hours
  • Pickup location to be agreed with the customer upon booking

Service Description

To day we will make our way eastwards to the Jordan Valley and drive along the River Jordan. Our first stop will be at Beth She'an (Scythopolis). There we will discover the ruins of the city and reflect on its vibrant biblical history. Further south, we will pass by Aenon near Salem, a place where John the Baptist was baptizing next to Jesus (John 3). A drive further south will lead us to the crossing path between the Jabbok and Tirzah Valleys on both sides of the River Jordan. It is where Jacob travelled through from Haran to his homeland and where met his brother Esau. Reaching the area of Jericho, we will visit the Baptismal Site. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - all were present at the event of Jesus baptism by John the Baptist. Upon entering Jericho, we will pass next to a sycamore tree reminding of Zacchaeus and then we will witness its walls that trembled down in front of Joshua. We will also have the opportunity to view the Mount of Temptations and reflect on why Jesus had to go through this hard experience. Then drive to Qumran to learn about the Biblical Scrolls. If time allows, we may enter on of the certified beaches of the Dead Sea to dip in this salty lack by end of the day and/or make a stop for a stunning view of the Qelt Valley and St. George's Monastery. Our day will end up in Jerusalem with a stunning view of the city by evening time. Note: The itinerary is flexible and can be adapted to the customer's expectations. For clarifications and booking, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Nazareth, Israel

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